Monday, 3 January 2011


My cafe review journal

...Clare’s cafe chronicles a record of cafes visited, recipes tried and tested and other musings.  A collection of recollections initially, I endeavour to eventually bring my blog into real time with content posted ‘as it happens’.

Based on the jottings within a small notepad which has frequented my person for the last few years and contains my innermost cafe/cake/coffee-related musings, I will at first be transcribing my reviews based on past visits but fully intend to add real-time reviews as my little notepad swells. 

Although I am very fond of coffee, and of cake for that matter (carrot or chocolate fudge would be my preference, if you were wondering), I cannot proclaim to be a foodie, connoisseur or even a particularly good baker (my friends, colleagues and family kindly refer to my pursuits as ‘experimental baking’). In fact, I have very little experience of working in cafes; spending 4 months working in a local cafe one summer and whilst studying in Melbourne does not an expert make. I am a layman; a novice; Jo Public; Jo Blogs. 

However, I bring my inexperience to the blogging table as a symbol of my suitability to write about cafes and cakes as I approach the subject matter much in the same way I imagine my readers to. I do not have superior knowledge; I am simply seeking to record my experiences of visiting certain eating establishments in the hope that doing so will be informative and hopefully entertaining. 

Therefore, as I attempt to cast my critical eye over establishments in order to provide ‘reviews’ for your reading pleasure, please keep in mind that they are based on my opinion only.

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