Monday, 21 March 2011

A review of Jonny’s Cafe, Hayle

50-51 Penpol Terrace, Hayle, Cornwal, TR27 4BQ

Apparently, us Britons are creatures of habit when it comes to choosing holiday destinations, with as many as a third of holidaymakers returning to the same spot each year. The survey also found that 10 per cent of the 2,156 adults polled had been to the same destination more than 20 times.

It’s clear that I fall into this third of Britons as, more often than not, I return to Hayle in Cornwall in August or September to chill out in a beach hut amongst the sand dunes, partake in a little light paddling and sample the delights of the local bakery scene. And, having been to Cornwall an apparently relatively small amount of times, it seems like I’m likely to keep on going back until I too can tick of my twentieth visit. Not that I’m competitive. 

So, why Hayle? Well, it’s around the bay from St Ives but miles more tranquil, it’s cheaper and has a much, much, much bigger beach. 3 miles of it. Oh, and, there’s the small matter of the amazing Philp’s bakery and conveniently located Jonny’s Cafe. 

Now, Philp’s bakery more than satisfies my compulsory quota of Cornish pasties, cream teas and saffron buns whilst in the Cornish county. However, sometimes one wants something a little different and, in Hayle, that’s where Jonny’s comes in. 

Slightly rough around the edges, Jonny’s has captured the delicate art of balancing exposed brick work and crumbling plaster with decadent furnishings to create the ideal ‘shabby-chic’ ambience. A cosy area at the front of the cafe creates a bit of extra softness against the otherwise quite industrial interior. A sofa, two comfy chairs and a small wood burner make the perfect spot to while away an hour or two with a good book. 

The cafe doubles as a shop selling various vegan foods, clothes and toiletries, with the vegan theme echoed in the menu which offers a selection of quiches, sandwiches, jackets, bean burgers and soups. My salad was adorned with tiny flowers and blackberries, the sort of unique touch which seals a place in the psyche and ensures you want to return.

Vegan brownies and banana and peach cake are displayed on the counter, tempting those with more will power than I I’m sure. 

You can check out Jonny’s Cafe blog, or follow them on Twitter.

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