Friday, 22 April 2011

A review of Hurwundeki Cafe

 298 - 299 Cambridge Heath Road London E2 9HA

As I have just moved into a new flat with the finest fellow in town, unfortunately I have no internet so am unable to blog as regularly as I would like. But, one of the great joys of moving to a new place, I find, is exploring the local area and adopting certain places into your imagined landscape of ‘home’. Being a cafe addict, I found myself very nervous at the thought that there might not be a good cafe nearby in which to while away lazy Saturday mornings or escape to when my postage stamp sized flat got a little too claustrophobic.

You’ll be relieved to hear that a mere five minute walk from my flat I found the wonderful Hurwundeki. A cafe-lovers paradise, this eclectic space consists of a generous yard out front with rickety garden furniture and tricycles scattered around for the little ones, as well as a high-ceilinged vault-like space under the arches of the railway bridge overhead for keeping out of the blazing April sun and tapping away on your laptop on their generous free wifi.

I should mention, that a happy accident of having no internet at home means that this is my first ‘live’ blog. I am, as we speak, sitting in Hurwundeki sipping on an exquisitely poured latte (in a latte glass with a heart in the top no less) waiting for my sausage and tomato sandwich to arrive.

Although I was really after a cooked breakfast, I must admit I’m not too disappointed at the alternative sandwich. The rest of the menu is equally creative with minimal-cook breakfast options such as pancakes and muesli with yoghurt as well as a range of sandwiches, salads, quiches and the most amazing board of sweet tarts, cakes and muffins.

The fact that I’ve now been to Hurwundeki three times, having only lived in the area for two weeks, shows that it has something to offer at any time of day. I’ve been in the morning at the weekend and in the afternoon on a weekday and it’s always busy – a good sign if ever there was one.

So, if you’re ever in Victoria Park, shopping down Columbia Road or mooching around Brick Lane, consider walking a little out of your way to pay Hurwundeki a visit, you won’t regret it. Oh, here’s my sandwich...

Hurwundeki are on Facebook and Twitter.

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