Sunday, 5 June 2011

A review of The Manor

52 Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 IUN

It’s raining and I’m cooped up indoors going a little stir crazy so I’ve made myself a window seat where I can look out at the rain to try and conjure a sense of being cosy and tucked up indoors. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but as it’s June I’d much rather it be sunny so I can get out and about.

While I’m stuck inside I figured I may as well make the most of the opportunity to do some writing so will revisit Brighton, where I was last Sunday, and a quality eating establishment called The Manor in the city’s North Laines.

I’ve been to The Manor twice now, on my last two visits to Brighton. Located centrally between the city’s vibrant North Laines and the city centre, it’s about the right distance between the train station and the sea front to make the perfect pit stop for lunch on the way out or afternoon tea on the way back.  Having partaken in both of these activities, I am pleased to report that both are delightful and well worth the trip from London or further afield.

The food is seriously reasonably priced compared to many other places in a city where tourists keep prices slightly inflated all year round. It’s also responsibly sourced which reduces ones ethically (if not calorie) induced guilt.

Stopping for lunch, we sampled most of the sandwiches on offer between our group of four and found each of them delicious with generous fillings, crisps on the side and half a portion of chips for only a few quid extra. My vegetarian friend was also pleased to find that there were a few options for her on the menu.

To drink, we had celebratory Pimms as it was said vegetarian’s birthday, but I also had some Earl Grey tea which automatically came with milk on the side (it’s always so embarrassing when you have to ask for it like some kind of tea heathen).

The chunky wooden furniture makes for a cosy feel and there’s a spot to suit everyone, whether it’s out on the street in the sunshine, just inside for some slightly more covert people watching or upstairs where some homely touches such as flowers and candles make for more of a tearoom aesthetic.

Find out more about The Manor on their website, or follow them on Twitter.

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  1. I live in Brighton and walk past The Manor all the time, but I've never heard any reviews so haven't visited. I think you may have just persuaded me! Hope to read more Brighton reviews from you in the future :)