Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Review of the Towpath Cafe

Regent's Canal towpath, between Whitmore Bridge and Kingsland Road Bridge, N1 5SB

Exploring east London as we often do at the weekend, the fella and I decided to test how long it would take to walk from Broadway Market to Angel down our local canal. Turns out, about an hour with a coffee stop.

Wandering down the narrow tow path, only just avoiding oncoming cyclists and keen Sunday joggers, we felt a little stressed at times on our outdoor pursuit but persevered nonetheless. Being one of the only vaguely warm days we’ve had in July so far, we were soon parched from weaving in and out of the tow path traffic and so were delighted to find a canal-side cafe ready to rehydrate us.

Beautifully and resourcefully kitted out, the cafe makes use of three tiny storage bays along the side of the canal and spills out onto the path with wooden tables and brightly coloured chairs. It’s currently being marketed as part of the Shoreditch Festival, but otherwise has a rather quiet existence below the radar of social media and other avenues of announcing itself. You have to explore to find this place (or have a knowledgeable friend/blogger who can recommend it to you).

The apparent lack of a menu confused us at first and we were a little put off that there was no clear list of food/drink on offer or any clear pricing but a quick chat with the lady behind the counter was enough to secure us some cloudy apple juice. We didn’t stop to eat, but those around us had rustic looking plates of hearty, seasonal fare which, were I not on a mission, I would have tarried longer to sample.

The Shoreditch Festival is in its tenth year and offers a free program of performance, entertainment and exploration in spaces alongside Regent’s Canal between 15 and 24 July 2011.

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