Sunday, 6 May 2012

Review - Pimlico Fresh

Image by Masumi Hirayama
86 Wilton Road, Pimlico, London, SW1V 1DE

I got a new job in the new year. Fresh start and all that. The transition to Victoria wasn't one I was particularly eager to make having been so spoilt by the abundance of eateries and high street shopping on my door step in Angel. However, I have gradually aclimatised to my new surroundings and found that (once you get far enough away from the station) there is plenty to do and see.

Sticking to Pimlico rather than Victoria is a good start. If you want something on the go then you can't beat Tachbrook Street market. There's loads of food stalls towards the end of the week with everything from amazing £3 falafel wraps, to brisket burritos, kebabs and curries.

However, if you're looking for somewhere to sit and while away your luxurious lunch hour, I'd definitely recommend Pimlico Fresh. In an area otherwise saturated by coffee chains and italian delis (which are fabulous in their own way) - I was relieved to be recommended this place through a plea on Twitter.
Image by Masumi Hirayama
It's got a real Aussie vibe with 'proper' coffee - double shot, micro foam and all. The menu adorns one wall and there's a big communal table you can sit on on your own with a book without looking too conspicuous.

I've had lunch here a couple of times now, starting off with a salmon and cream cheese bagel, and working my way up to a Moroccan chicken filo parcel with rice salad. Both times I was impressed, and full. They do fruit juices and smoothies as well as cakes so you can decide whether you feel virtuous or not. I'm usually not.

Given the area is pretty touristy and there are a fair few theatres just down the road, Pimlico fresh is usually inhabited by people on their lunch breaks popping in and out and you rarely to trip over luggage. The prices are also refreshingly uninflated.

If I had one criticism it would be that the service is sometimes a little slow. Especially if you're just waiting for a take away coffee. However, quality takes time. And if you're not interested in quality, got to Starbucks.


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