Monday, 2 July 2012

A review of Cafe Boscanova

650 Christchurch Road, Boscombe, Dorset, BH1 4BP

Whenever I visit a new place I always try to look up a good cafe so that I'm not stuck tried and hungry looking for somewhere to eat. A recent trip to Bournemouth was no exception and I looked up a few places before going, hoping to show my host somewhere new and gently cajole her into supporting her local independent cafe scene.

After a fantastic night out (dinner at Aruba and then drinks, live music and dancing at Sixty Million Postcards if you wanted to know) we went for the obligatory morning fry up at home in our pyjamas before heading to the sea front for some bracing fresh hair to blow away our hang overs. Feeling more ourselves and with our appetites restored, we headed over to Boscombe just a short drive away from central Bournemouth. My previous research had led me to believe we would find some hearty, healthy fare at Cafe Boscanova, and we weren't disappointed.

With a homely, slightly chaotic feel, this cafe is buzzing with locals and they're as passionate about their coffee as they are the wholesome food they serve. With the scrawls on the back of their espresso machine giving away their passion for precision brewing, you know you're in good hands when ordering your favourite caffeine fix here.
For the more virtuous amongst us, they do a whole host of fruit juices and smoothies which was what we opted for on this occasion to purge our livers and restore the vital nutrients lost during the previous evenings' binge. I went for the 'Sweet Surrender' which packed a punch with carrot and apple juice blended with a hit of fresh ginger. POW!

They do the whole gambit of cafe offerings, from granola, to fry ups, soups to burritos and if you have a veggie or vegan pal they won't be disappointed as there's plenty of options for them as well. With optional extras to 'pimp' your pancakes or build up your brekkie, you won't be leaving hungry. We went for the halloumi wrap and meze plate which were packed with veggies and did a great job in rejuvenating our flagging bodies.

If you ever go to Bournemouth, it's well worth taking a turn away from the centre of town to seek out this little gem. With friendly staff, a great sound track (although the barista did skip past Fleet Foxes, so you can't always account for taste) and tasty grub you can't go far wrong.

Cafe Boscanova is on Twitter, Facebook and have a website

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