Sunday, 12 May 2013

Brunch at L'entrepot

Photography @GaretReidPhoto 2013
230 Dalston Lane, London, E8 1LA

I moved house. Or flat. So that's why I haven't blogged in a while. Sorry. And, in other news, I started writing for recommendations website Twenty Something London (TSL) so have been a bit busy all in all.

The new place is in Walthamstow so I'll start visiting and reviewing places this end of town in the next few weeks. It may sound like I've grown up and moved to the 'burbs' but never fear, I'm only in zone 3 and 15 mins from Liverpool Street on the train. Phew. 

So... L'entrepot. I went for dinner and wine in the week with TSL and then got invited along to a brunch event today (perks of the job) which seemed more down my cafe-lined street. The recommendation will be going up on TSL in the next few days so check that out for the full picture. However, in terms of brunch I have to say I was suitably impressed. For what is essentially a wine bar and restaurant, man, can they do eggs. 
Chef Stefan is French so there's a definite continental twist on the menu with a fair few options it's impossible to pronounce. But the 'gypsy eggs' pulls them back from pretentious by whacking everything that's good about breakfast (eggs, bacon, tomatoes, potatoes...) into a pan and serving it up with sourdough. 

My other half tried the oeuf meurette - eggs and bacon cooked in wine. Don't let the purple hue put you off, the taste is fantastic. If you like red wine, why save it for dinner? 
Right next to Hackney Downs Station, it's an easy enough walk from Victoria Park Village or London Fields and well worth the effort. The atmosphere is laid back, the decor beautiful and staff knowledgeable. Brunch is served until 4pm at weekends so you can lie in as long as you like! 

There's freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee on offer but why not go for a bloody sherry or some Prosecco? You're in a wine bar after all. 
 L'entrepot are on Facebook and Twitter. Or check out their parent company Borough Wines


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