Saturday, 13 July 2013

Wood St Coffee - week 2

So, last Sunday the weather was Hot Hot Hot and looks like this weekend will be the same. The surprising turn to summer prompted an emergency dash for another cool box and a shed load of ice so that we could rise to the occasion with some iced coffees. 

After some careful research we settled on the cold brew method to delicately extract the coffee over 12 -14 hours so that the flavour is still there (and the caffeine) but without any bitterness. We were pretty impressed with the results, and so were our customers:

"So excited about @woodstcoffee - loved my iced coffee this morning. See you next week"

"An ice coffee of champions from @woodstcoffee. Good on you @WoodStMarket"

"@woodstcoffee best ice coffee ever. Top work guys!"

Andy Murray may have stolen everyone away in the afternoon but with that winning performance we suppose we can forgive him!

We'll be serving cold brew iced coffees again tomorrow - see you for a spot in the sunshine and a some ice cold refreshment! 

Open Sundays, 11 - 4 
Wood Street Indoor Market (Marlowe Road entrance).

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  1. Hi Clare,

    Such a lovely idea to spread the word of the coffee world! I'm in regular need of a caffeine fix so am going to be checking out your chronicles on a regular basis now!

    Do you have an email I can reach you on? I have an exciting opportunity I'd like to share with you.

    Ella x