About me

Having worked in a cafe near the family home in Essex and when living in Melbourne (arguably the global hub of cafe culture- move over Paris!) for a short time, my passion for this often understudied locale initially grew out of mere enjoyment of the fare on offer. 
However, one Geography degree later, my hobby blossomed into a full on fascination with cafe culture and the spaces of consumption embroiled in the simple act of ‘eating out’. Starting a cafe review book in which I jotted my thoughts on each cafe visited, I daydreamed about one day opening my own tea/cake/coffee shop. 
Often writing in the company of friends, I was soon sought out by acquaintances looking for a recommendation for a place to take their mother for afternoon tea in Nottingham, or a good place for a gossip over coffee in London. Finding that my passion was surprisingly useful to others, I created this blog to provide cafe reviews, recipes and even a bit of geographical theory now and then in an attempt to share my infatuation with the world.
Clare x