Saturday, 17 November 2012

A review of Dishoom (breakfast)

I feel I should provide a disclaimer here that that the marketing manager at Dishoom is a very good friend of mine. I have eaten at both their Covent Garden and Shoreditch restaurants in her company but on the occasion I am going to reference here, was in neutral company. 

Disclaimer aside, I am probably still going to sound like she is whispering in my ear while I write this as I have no complaints to make at all about the service or food. I hope you will believe that what I write is an honest account:

7 Boundary Street, London, E2 7JE

London's very own Bombay Cafe, Dishoom opened the doors to its new Shoreditch premises in October. We went along for one of their dry runs for dinner and were suitably impressed with the decadent cocktails and fresh, fragrant dishes on offer. From grilled paneer tikka to their slow-cooked pulled lamb this is not your typical East End indian restaurant. 
So, on a cheeky Friday off work we thought we'd try something different and give Dishoom's breakfast a try. They serve the breakfast menu until 11.30 on weekdays and until 1pm for a more casual start at the weekend. 

We rocked up 20 minutes before the end of service and were greeted with a smile and a sun-filled booth at the front of the restaurant. Given how busy the cafes on nearby Redchurch Street get during the morning's breakfast meeting rush, it was surprisingly quiet. Perhaps the city boys haven't cottoned on to the delights of a bombay breakfast. It won't be long. 

I ordered English breakfast Assam tea which came loose leaf in a large pot with my choice of milk and sugar on the side. My fella ordered the chai which was absolutely delicious. It wouldn't usually be my first choice for breakfast but on a cold November morning, its delicate fusion of spices couldn't be more comforting. 

To eat, I had the Bombay Omelette which was subtly flavoured and beautifully light for that time in the morning. Balanced with grilled tomatoes and Dishoom's own variety of 'fire toast' (first buttered, then thrown onto the grill) it was perfectly proportioned and very reasonable at under 6 quid. 

Fella had the bacon naan roll which was quite small, but at £3.70 you could always have 2 if you're that hungry! The chilli tomato jam, smoky bacon and fresh cream cheese were brilliantly balanced to create a tongue tingling combination, and along with the chai was the star of the show. 

Reasonably priced, more tasty than your run of the mill eggs on toast and all in the stunning surroundings of Dishoom's new Shoreditch location, I felt extremely spoilt on a Friday morning. Happy happy girl. CHECK THEM OUT SOON!
You can take a look at Dishoom's website, follow them on Twitter and find them on Facebook


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