Sunday, 9 December 2012

A review of Leila's Shop

15-17 Calvert Avenue  Bethnal Green, London E2 7JP

I'm in love... with Leila's.

Tucked away between Shoreditch High Street and Columbia Road, Leila's is the perfect pit stop for a mid afternoon snack and beverage to warm the cockles at this chilly time of year. Relaxed, homely and not too full at around 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, we slipped in on our way home to grab a cheeky hot chocolate and olive oil biscuit.

Made the traditional way in a good old saucepan on the hob, the hot chocolate may come in a thimble-like glass but believe me, any more of this rich nectar and you would feel decidedly sick. It was the perfect tonic for a freezing afternoon stroll and I'm already planning the next time I can fit a visit into my schedule to have another hit.
The olive oil biscuit was something I'd never tried before and was light, predictably oily, but delicately flavoured with fennel cutting through, giving it a fresh savouriness which I couldn't get enough of. The counter top was piled with pastries, brownies and other goodies so there was plenty of choice. And if you go for the panettone you'll get a slice generous enough to feed at least two!

I love the open plan kitchen where you can watch the chef and waiting staff pottering around and get your taste buds tingling looking at all their fresh produce. Everything on the menu can be cooked up using ingredients bought from the deli next door so you can even take your inspiration home with you!
I can't comment on the food as we'd already had lunch, but I'm more than happy to have an excuse to come back for brunch at some point at by the looks of their menus I won't be disappointed:
Leila's shop are on Twitter and Facebook.

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